Dr. Arch. Elmar Unterhauser
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Matteotti street 28
I - 39012 MERANO (BZ)
Phone: 0473 200 386
Fax. 0473 207 308
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Office Profile

Formation of the office in 1999 by Dr. Arch. Elmar Unterhauser and Dipl. Ing. Arch. Christoph Störk.

In the centre of our architect’s projects we see the requirements of the future users of the buildings.
Therefore, complex standards on concepts of space and function lead always to an individual interpretation of each construction task.

You’ll find residential buildings (detached buildings and multiple dwelling units) as well as office buildings, industrial buildings, schools and other projects regarding the preservation of historic buildings or the refurbishment.

Additional to the architectural quality, our buildings make good technical sense and are built to last for a long-term period.

Usually, we carry through our projects from the planning stage to the site management. One of the partners is always responsible for all tasks during the entire process.

Our office offers also overall planning: In this case the builder-owner has only one contact and may avoid time-consuming negotiations with different technical planners.

We have already received several architecture rewards for our projects.

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